Over the years we have heard them all but here are a few of the more Frequently Asked Questions that we would love to help you understand more about what we do:

What’s SUP?

Nothing much…just living the life paddleboarding you?!

Contrary to many peoples opinion as they peruse around the Lake, SUP Calhoun is not simply wanting to bring back popular phraseology from the 90’s.  SUP is short for Stand Up Paddleboard.  Naturally our favorite thing to do around the lake!

Is Paddleboarding hard?

Stand Up Paddleboarding is a great sport because given the proper instruction, getting on the right board, and having a smidge of balance is all you need to enjoy a day on the water.  So no it’s not that hard, and you should absolutely give it a try!  Honestly, the worst that can happen is you fall into the water on a warm sunny day!

Where are you located?

SUP Calhoun is a mobile company that operates primarily from a trailer.  We love the lakes more than most in the Twin Cities and would not want to put some ugly shack or building on site, even though it would be convenient for us.  Our yoga classes launch from the North Beach of Lake Calhoun where we have our boards right down by the water. However if wind dictates we do periodically switch to Lake of the Isles.  Reality is…if you find a few surfer dudes who look like they belong on the ocean you’ll know you’re in the right place.  Check out our contact page for a map.

Do you only take cash?

Even though we are a more mobile company without a specific brick and mortar, we are graced with the fact we live in this technologically advanced era.  With that we are able to take all major forms of payment or truthfully anything short of an IOU.