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At SUP Calhoun we couldn’t be more proud of the team we have estabished over the years.  Our instructors are all SUPers who love being out on the water and who love even more sharing that with others and getting them “stoked” about something new.

People often ask how we came up with the name and its because of all our love and passion for the city and growing up around a lake and area that gave us so much…Calhoun was the first place we all learned to love the water so it was natural to name the company after it.



Robbie, instructor and founder, has been Paddling since 2009 after a trip to Hawaii made him fall in love with a sport where you can be on the water surfing, but that didn’t require waves! Now after working in the boardsport industry since 2003, he is hoping to help bring this sport all over Minnesota from the cities to Up North, and to all 10,000 lakes. He is also currently racing on the Midwest paddleboard race circuit and other big races all over the country!


Chances are if you’ve heard of SUP Calhoun its because of Tommy!  Tommy is the co-founder of SUP Calhoun and the dreamer and promoter of the company, always looking to push the envelope and bring paddleboarding to the next level.  There are few people who are more stoked about the sport then this guy and it shows.  You can often find him goofing around on the water and finding new fun things to do.  If you are looking for a fitness workout you’ll feel for days to come, have him put you through the ringer on the boards, but know you have been warned!


Cassie is the youngest member of the SUP Calhoun Team, but she is no stranger to the sport of Stand Up Paddling.  She has grown up in the board industry and has never been surrounded by fewer then 20 boards to go on water in all its forms.  This board guru and world traveler is the SUP Calhoun Yoga instructor and has more poise and grace on a board then many have on land.  Watch out though because even with all that grace she still is a powerhouse in the water and has a raw speed that can be hard to keep up with for many.